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Special Edition: Numbers-01

This nail art stamp plate is perfect for pretty much any occasion!

Favorite athlete? Put their numbers on your nail!

Getting married? Tell people what date they should save!

Milestone coming up? Make it known on your nails!

Instagram followers hit a new high? Tell them with your mani!

Our Numbers nail stamping plate is unlike any we've seen on the nail plate market. Plus: we don't just limit you to the a few numbers - we give them all to you in different fonts for variety and fun!

Need to spell something out? Check out our corresponding Alphabet plate here.



Technical stuff:

The size of this plate is 9.5 cm by 14.5 cm and the numbers range from 7 mm tall to around 10 mm tall.

The designs are engraved on high-quality stainless steel and can be used over and over again - never wearing out.

Our nail art designs can be applied using nail polish, a stamper & scraper. Watch and learn how to stamp by visiting our How To Pages

Some of the designs included:

number, numbers, digits, digit, question mark, apostrophe, ampersand, dollar sign, go, save the date, date, for, of, and, with, !, $, #, @, &, *, +, =, arrow, equal

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