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Oval Gel Clean Up Brush - Pink

Oval Gel Clean Up Brush - Pink

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Oval Gel Clean Up Brush

UberChic Beauty Brushes are high quality, professional-grade brushes designed specifically for all your nail art needs! These nail art brushes have a lovely, perfectly balanced weight to them without being too hefty. They also are decorated with a chic silver butterfly engraving and crystals in one end to add glam to any nail art experience.


Get yourself all cleaned up and ready to go with our Oval shaped Clean Up Brush! Clean up is key to any good manicure - and with this brush, getting your cuticles as clean as possible is a breeze! The oval shape creates the perfect curve to easily reach and trim along the edge of your nail every time.


We created these to be the ultimate in luxe and easy-to-use nail art brushes - they feature a metal handle that holds up to acetone - and unlike many wooden-handled brushes that melt under acetone after first contact - ours will stand up to wear and use, time and time again. The bristles are cruelty free, non-animal hair. They are 100% acrylic (synthetic) hair. 


Each nail art brush comes with a cap for storage and bristle protection. The cap also has an air hole in the top to let your brush air dry when stored. Add some class to your nail art session by adding these luxe brushes to your nail art arsenal! The "gel" part of the name is just a trade-title - these do work with either gel or regular nail polish if properly cleaned with 100% Acetone after each use.

Stamp Perfection Bundle

Let's start this stamping gel polish thing off with a BANG! Introducing our opaque, no-rush, kiss your smudges goodbye Stamping Gel Polish! Get our pre-order bundle and save 15% off of MSRP! Get all five of our brand new Stamping Gel Polishes plus a Soak-Off Top No Wipe Gel Coat for the ultimate in smudge-free nail art that lasts for weeks!

This Bundle Includes:

Hello Sunshine

Hello Sunshine! Perfectly opaque little ray of sunshine! Silky smooth formula will make this your go-to-yellow time and time again. It's a shade off of a glaring yellow - just a bit softer - like basking in the warm light from a window.

Chic To Be Pink

Our go to pink! Beautifully opaque and effortlessly smooth. This pink is rich in color and the perfect addition to your stamping gel polish collection! Think of it like a bright shade of sorbet ice cream: summery-soft and delicious to behold. Just don't get carried away and eat it...that would be gross.

Green Come True

Our favorite green hue! The rich green color of our all new Stamping Gel has tones leaning more towards blues than those glaring greens that have too much yellow - this makes it the perfect go-to-green for any manicure you can think of!

Essential White

Your new best friend. Our chic Essential White is the ultimate white stamping gel polish. It's absolutely opaque and silky smooth in fact, you can write a breakup letter to your other white stamping polishes now...we'll help.

My Favorite Black

Opaque please! Our Favorite Black is perfect for covering the brightest colors with ease...hence the name. Smooth formula and easy-to-use extended drying time make this an essential part of any nail artists collection.

Soak-Off No Wipe Top Coat Gel

Top it off! Get first-day shine every day! Our super strong and shiny Gel Top Coat gives superior shine for up to 4 weeks. Our Gel Top Coat gives your professional results without the cost. Use with our Stamping Gel Polish for smudge-free nail art that lasts or use it on i's own to finish any mani! Cure under regular LED/UV light and don't forget to cap those tips!  

Quick Facts:
  • Cures under Regular UV/LED light at around 30 seconds (check your lamp for specific curing times) or under our Mini Cure Flashlight at around 60 seconds
  • First-day shine lasts up to 4 weeks when properly applied
  • Be sure to cure your stamps before applying Gel Top Coat
  • We recommend only using Gel Top Coats over your artwork for optimal smudge-free looks that last for weeks! 
  • 5-FREE
This product can only be shipped within the contiguous United States. 

To find a distributor near you please visit our Distributor page. 

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- Sometimes seeing really is believing! Pay special attention to when we slow our stamping down to real-time in the'll notice we included the stamped design in the frame so you can see how long we are taking to stamp. You can absolutely go faster but we thought this change of pace HAD to get some notice as it really is the next big thing in stamping!

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- Our specialized UberChic Beauty Gel Stamping Polish has a ridiculously long drying time (we're talking a few minutes!) €“ this opens up a world of stamping possibilities! For one: you don€™t have to rush your stamping work €“ take your time with your pick up and placement! When you€™re ready: it cures in just a few seconds!


- Because there is such an extended drying time €“ our formula is absolutely beginner friendly! Perfect your stamp work, place that text evenly - your stamping polish drying out should be the last thing you have to worry about!


- Our silky smooth formula applies just like regular stamping polish - possibly even better (no goop or messy jars and tubes for us, thanks)!


- Use it over any polish/finish: Regular Nail Polish, Gel Polish, Acrylics and more! We do recommend only using our Gel Top Coat on top of the design to seal it in for an extra long life and give you the optimal smudge-free look!  Plus, you can rest in the fact that it's 5-FREE! (...and YES! You can absolutely use Gel Top Coats over Regular Nail Polish colors)


- Like to save money? Since our formula's drying time is so extended - you do not have to apply as much polish as you typically do to the design because it won't dry up on the plate like normal stamping polish does...and we all know Saving polish = Saving money! Just put a small line (or even a blob) on the edge of the design and work it into the design with your scraper card.

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- You may have never used a Gel Polish in your LIFE so you may be nervous about having to soak off your artwork. Well, let's just end that right now. Our Stamping Gel Polish does NOT need to be soaked off even after it's been cured.  If you need to redo your design - simply swipe some polish remover or Acetone over your nails and start afresh! Watch our extended tutorial at the bottom of the page to see this in action!



- Bring on the opaque! Our formula is rich in opacity and covers your colors with ease!


- Also, because there is an extended drying time - you can take your time and MIX your own custom shades right on the plate for limitless possibilities! That yellow just a little too bright? Add in a bit of white to lighten it up! Our stamping gel polish colors can be as versatile as you want them to be! This also means you do not have to buy 150 different shades of polish to create the mani you want. (We're back to that awesome saving money part ;)

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Video Embed


- Once cured our formula is virtually smudge-proof with our all new Gel Top Coat. See how hard we're pressing with our Gel Top Coat in the photo? Watch our extended tutorial video below to see this magic in action!


- So how long does it last? Gel polishes in general are notorious for their staying power (another reason we love them sooo much!) - we recommend stamping over high quality colors (have you seen our Gel Polishes?) and topping it off with our ridiculously shiny Gel Top Coat so you can enjoy that first-day shine for up to 4 weeks...or until you need that next mani refresh! ;) 


A note from our Founder: For years I have been working tirelessly to craft the perfect stamping polish and kept finding formulas that just did not work. Everything I tried was either too goopy, dried way too fast, wasn't opaque enough - and the list went on and on. Well, I finally cracked the code and mixed up the best, most user-friendly stamping polish the world has ever seen and I could not be more excited to introduce it to you! Above are just a few reasons I love our all new Stamping Gel Polish!  - Brittany  

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Stamping Gel Ingredients: Epoxy Acrylate, 1, 6-hexanediol diacrylate, Tripropylene Glycol Diacrylate, Propoxylate Neopentylene Glycol Diacrylate, Trimethylolpropane Ethoxylate, 1-Hydroxycyclohexyl Phenyl Ketone, Ethyl-4-Dimethylaminobenzoate


Please note that the colors you see on your screen can differ in person since every screen is different, as well as skin tones & lighting. We try to display the colors with the best representation we can but cannot account for every situation.

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