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UberChic Beauty

Rainbow Detail Nail Art Brush

Rainbow Detail Nail Art Brush

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Rainbow Detail Nail Art Brush

Get the ultimate control with the Detail Nail Art Brush! Its length is perfect for adding intricate detail and filling in even the smallest of spaces in any nail art masterpiece. Complexity? No problem for this little brush. Its precision is priceless when you need to tackle the tiniest of details!

UberChic Beauty Nail Art Brushes are high-quality brushes designed specifically for all your nail art ideas! These nail art brushes have a lovely, perfectly balanced weight to them without being too hefty. They also are decorated with a chic silver butterfly engraving and crystals in one end to add glam to any nail art experience.

We created these to be the ultimate in luxe and easy-to-use nail art brushes - they feature a metal handle that holds up to acetone – and unlike many wooden-handled brushes that melt under acetone after first contact – ours will stand up to wear and use, time and time again. The bristles are cruelty-free, non-animal hair. They are 100% acrylic (synthetic) hair. 

Each nail art brush comes with a cap for storage and bristle protection. The cap also has an air hole in the top to let your brush air dry when stored. Add some class to your nail art session by adding these luxe brushes to your nail art arsenal!

Please note: each brush is colored separately so the rainbow effect can be slightly different from brush to brush.

Technical stuff:

Bristles are 5 mm long

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