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Stand Together

Stand Together

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Stand Together 

Hey friends! 

Brittany here – owner and designer at UberChic Beauty. I wanted to include a personal introduction of this plate as it is near and dear to my heart. We’ve had countless requests to make a “ribbon” plate over the last 4 years and I’ve finally had a chance to get around to it.

When I started the design process I wanted to make sure we covered as many things as we possibly could and include some "rah-rah” enthusiastic, “go get em" statements but the further I went the more I felt the need to also include some elements that spoke to togetherness, fighting alongside one another and also about just stepping back and taking a moment to breathe.

One of the most powerful statements I have on here is “It’s ok to not be ok”. Sometimes we get caught up in this image of always having to be “ok” – to be, look, act a certain way…when life gets tough it’s easy to fall into a trap of not feeling ok and then beating yourself up because of it. I want people to know it’s ok to not be ok sometimes too – life is a journey…finding help and those who can wrestle through life with you is what I want this plate to be about. That’s also why we decided to name it: Stand Together.

Fighting an illness or other life battle takes guts and most of the time it’s not glamorous. I wanted this plate to embody positivity, love and celebrate the absolute gut-wrenching courage so many of us have to dig deep to find.

I hope this plate speaks to you too as it does to me. Here’s to Standing Together!

– Brittany


Technical stuff:

The size of this plate is 9.5 cm by 14.5 cm. These designs are specifically crafted to fit most natural nail sizes - including smaller ones (although please note little kid fingernails may be a little too small for most of these).  For reference 99% of these designs will fit easily within an 11mm x 13mm sized nail.

The designs are engraved on high-quality stainless steel and can be used over and over again - never wearing out.

Our nail art designs can be applied using nail polish, a stamper & scraper. Watch and learn how to stamp by visiting our How To Stamp Your Nails

Some of the designs included:

love one another, think before you speak, you don't have to hate to be heard, throw kindness around like confetti, confetti, ribbon, ribbons, just be nice, encourage one another, kindness is power, stand together, support, there is nothing accidental about you, you are so love, kindness is always in style, faith, hope, love, there is no other like you, stand tall darling, everyone is fighting their own battle, grow with love, take a breath, no season is ever wasted, beautiful soul, be strong, be brave, stay positive, awareness, it's okay to not be okay, never give up, admire the survivors, support the fighters, fight, not a victim, bald is beautiful, survivor, warrior, check yo self, autism awareness, puzzle, puzzle piece, hope, celebrate the little things, let's walk, fight, find a cure, boxing gloves, butterfly, stop bullying, show respect, let all you do be done in love, fight like a girl, keep the faith, stay brave, have courage,  support one another, let's end this, her fight is my fight, his fight is my fight, cancer, insecurity, bullies, fear, anxiety, depression, negativity, mean, rude, hate, cancel, breast, breast cancer, AIDS, HIV, cancer, support, support ribbon

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