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Sticky Roll Iridescent Acrylic Holder

Sticky Roll Iridescent Acrylic Holder

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Sticky Roller Iridescent Acrylic Holder

It’s time to get serious about cleanup. Our brand new system presents a beautiful and easy way to clean your stamper after each use. Simply add the Sticky Roll to the middle rod and away you go: they’ll effortlessly swipe away leftover paint from your Stamper - helping to preserve its life over time. When the Sticky Roll is done simply swap it out for a new one! Plus: we’ve made it out of beautiful iridescent acrylic so it’s something you’ll actually want to have stay out on your stamping station. With the iridescent glow, you’ll see that as you turn it the colors will change ever so slightly making it something worth staring at. 

Please note this does NOT include any sticky rollers, but you can buy them here.


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