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Unicorn Love-02

Unicorn Love-02

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Unicorn Love-02

It’s the sequel you’ve been begging us for! If you want to make your mani magical - this plate is a must. We added loads of cute sayings like: “Roll Me in fairy dust and call me a unicorn”, “Make a wish”, “I’ve got the magic in me”, “I can’t my unicorn and I have plans”, “I like my coffee like I like my unicorns: Magical” and so many more! We even included a few atypical unicorns like the adorable narwhal (the unicorns of the sea) and the legendary caticorn! At the bottom right you’ll find a DIY Unicorn creation kit to make this plate extra magical.  

Technical stuff:

The size of this plate is 9.5 cm by 14.5 cm. Most designs are 17 x 21 mm and are built to cover edge-to-edge on even the largest natural nail size. Small nails left out? Never! Our designs are crafted to not be so overwhelming or large that you can't see what is on your nail - even if it's tiny! 

The designs are engraved on high-quality stainless steel and can be used over and over again - never wearing out.

Our nail art designs can be applied using nail polish, a stamper & scraper. Watch and learn how to stamp by visiting our How To Pages

Some of the designs included:

layers, layering, layerable, unicorn, unicorns, heart, diamond, hearts, believe in yourself, cloud, clouds, magic, just rainbows for me, spirit, I've got the magic in me, roll me in fairy dust and call me a unicorn, make a wish, run, born to be magical, I can't my unicorn and I have plans, darling you are magic, caticorn, narwal, unicorns of the sea, dream big, unicorn creation kit, DIY unicorn, be a unicorn in a field of horses, star, twinkle, I like my coffee like I like my unicorns magical, make today magical, fantasy, unicorn 2, unicorn love 2

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